Psalm 96:1-4

Mwimbieni Mwenyezi-Mungu, wimbo mpya! Mwimbieni Mwenyezi-Mungu, ulimwengu wote! Mwimbieni Mwenyezi -Mungu na kulisifu jina lake. Tangazeni kila siku matendo yake ya wokovu. Yatangazieni mataifa utukufu wake, waambieni watu wote matendo yake ya ajabu. Maana Mwenyezi-Mungu ni mkuu, anasifika sana; anastahili kuheshimiwa kuliko miungu yote. Psalm 96:1-4

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Love within Likamba

Here I sit again at the computer to attempt to describe my day here in Tanzania! Today Lynda and I traveled to Likamba Integrity School which is about an hour away. There are three major partnering churches (two in the US and 1 in Australia) that assist the school with funding/encouragement. The Joshua Foundation have assisted the school with teacher mentoring and assistance with logistics of running a school collaboratively with the pastor of the local church. Today there were many meetings, teacher observations, taking photos for sponsors. The sun was hot and the day was full! But, sometimes you just have to stop and take in the scene above! When words do not do my day justice~ take a look at this beauty! We thank our partners all over the world for smiling beauties such as these can learn and know the love of Jesus!!

I was reading an article the other day. Many case studies are on my desk as I prepare my literature review to complete my masters and plan for the literacy training we are prepping for this year. The article talks about breaking the cycle of poverty through early literacy and advocating teacher empowerment in early childhood education. As you can see there are about ten key words in this that makes up my calling. I believe good early years can transform a community, raise a generation that praises the Lord, and now let us slay Poverty while we are at it!!! The concluding remarks were right on, "complete reversal can begin now with early literacy development pedagogical innovations. Children are not only the future of the world, but educated children are indeed the guarantors of a future that can ensure that the sub-region will compare to other regions of the world. A child's ability to learn and to function as a contributing member of society rests heavily on the development of social competency and emotional health that begins at birth and is greatly influenced during the early school years. While governments may see in-school teacher development programs as difficult and costly, the benefits will far outweigh the costs. Value the future of children and families genuinely to ensure a sustainable future for the countries and regions" (Ngwaru, 244 & 245). Wow! Here we are! This encourages me and is a bit overwhelming at the same time. It is a good thing that God is on the move and has encouraged me/my team to take the land! May we break the injustice of illiteracy and make known the understanding of the saving grace of Jesus for this early generation to praise the Lord!!!

Prayer Points~

  • Join with me in prayer for insight, ideas, and wisdom as we plan literacy training to schools all over the nation. 
  •  May God use our emphasis in early literacy to transform the nation!