Psalm 96:1-4

Mwimbieni Mwenyezi-Mungu, wimbo mpya! Mwimbieni Mwenyezi-Mungu, ulimwengu wote! Mwimbieni Mwenyezi -Mungu na kulisifu jina lake. Tangazeni kila siku matendo yake ya wokovu. Yatangazieni mataifa utukufu wake, waambieni watu wote matendo yake ya ajabu. Maana Mwenyezi-Mungu ni mkuu, anasifika sana; anastahili kuheshimiwa kuliko miungu yote. Psalm 96:1-4

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Term 2 has begun for 2018!

Our school year begins in January and goes to December. The year is broken up by two terms with the month of June as a long holiday in the middle with December being mostly out of school as well. There are two shorter breaks in the middle of each term.  Monday the kids returned to school after a month of holiday! The teachers were all here last week with Teacher Only Days. We were getting our classrooms ready, planning lessons, professional development, staff meetings and all the rest that it takes to get ready for all those little cuties! It was fun to see the kids and they are excited to be at school! 

Prayer Points~

  • May the Lord provide inner strength that follows the love of Jesus through them to our students!
  • Protect and cover our school by your amazing grace!
  • We declare your name be made known in this nation!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Graduation News!!

I am making the final edits on my final project/thesis! You may here me "celebrating" across the ocean when the final submission is sent! I am excited that I get to come to the States for my hooding ceremony, graduation, and all the fun festivities! If you are in the area and would like to help me celebrate there will be an open house given by my family! 

Open House to celebrate Wendy Wagoner's

Master of Science in Education
Master's Certificate in Early Childhood Education

Date: May 13, 2018
Time: 4pm-8pm
Hostess: Rhonda Coulter
Place: 545 Willoughby Ct.
Plainfield, Indiana
Questions: 317-695-7194

Rhonda's yummy cake and snacks! 

I will be in the States for a few short weeks then back to Tanzania, East Africa. I hope to have the chance for as many hugs and chats as I can on this Sunday!!

I am very excited and happy to those who have supported me in this process!